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Our Dedicated "Relationship Publishing™":

Brown Books focuses on meeting your individual goals by developing a complete publishing plan that includes:

  • Concept Building and Writing—Writing a book begins with an idea. If your idea is clean, strong, and well formed, then you are ready to begin writing. Most of the time though, starting the writing process isn't that easy. Concept building and writing helps you consider various ideas, choose the concept that is most marketable, and develop it into a brief or detailed outline that will help you through the writing of your manuscript. Brown Books Publishing Group's concept building can help you thoughtfully explore ways of preparation for writing and developing your ideas efficiently, productively, and with an eye towards what will be most successful in the marketplace.
  • GhostwritingMany books that are written today are actually ghosted. Brown Books Publishing Group's editors and ghostwriters produce a manuscript based on your rough draft, notes, and concepts. We also utilize telephone conversations, face-to-face interviews, printed information, and other materials—in other words, the Brown Books Publishing team will help your book become a reality in whatever manner is most convenient for you. Our successes include:
    • Wall Street movers and shakers.
    • Emmy award winning television producers.
    • Southern Methodist University.
    • Many top corporate trainers and national seminar leaders.
    • CEOs and top level managers of several multinational and national companies.
    • Doctors, lawyers, teachers, and other professionals.

For more information on our ghostwriting, please contact Brown Books.

  • Editing/ProofreadingWe will assess your manuscript and recommend the appropriate level of editing, from a comprehensive developmental edit to a light copy edit, Brown Books will successfully guide your manuscript through the editorial process. All of our titles go through at least four rounds of editing/proofreading.
  • TypesettingOur graphic designers will create a custom interior, which may incorporate mixed fonts and margins, graphs, line art, drop caps or other special graphics. We do it all—scans of text and photos, digital layout, indexing, footnoting, and photo restoration and enhancement.
  • Layout & DesignThe importance of your book's cover cannot be overstated. At Brown Books, cover development is truly a team effort, involving the editorial staff, public relations department, marketing manager, graphic designers, publisher, production manager, and of course, you. Our experienced award-winning book cover designers develop captivating covers that all but guarantee sales. Browse our BOOK COVER DESIGN SAMPLES.

  • Extreme Book MakeoversDid you know that the average person only spends about six seconds looking at the front of a book, and fifteen seconds looking at the back? That's a little over twenty seconds to make an impression on a potential reader . . . how are you using that time?

Do you have a catchy title that also explains the book's contents? Is the cover attractive and engaging? On the back cover, is there a brief synopsis with endorsements and bullet points, or is there simply a picture of the author, or worse yet, endless copy that drones on and on?

Many self-published authors have come to us for help when their book is not selling as well as they had hoped or planned. That “cutesy” title or less-than-professionally-designed cover telegraphs a subliminal message that the content is equally as unimpressive.

Brown Books has created an entire division dedicated to “fixing” books for previously self-published authors. We know all of the secrets of the trade. Look at the following examples and you'll find that a picture really is worth a thousand words. View Our Extreme Book Cover Makeovers.

  • Web Site Design and Search Engine OptimizationIn today's competitive marketplace, it's not enough to have just a “brochure” online and expect the audience to find your potential best seller. Brown Books Publishing Group's team of Web site designers, graphic artists, and programmers can help you design, search engine optimize, and submit your web site to search engines and online directories; help with search engine advertising; promote your book with online news groups/usenet groups/chat groups; arrange for online author interviews, and much more.
  • MarketingDon't let your book passively sit in a bookstore waiting for passersby to be captured by an attractive book cover. Today, best-selling authors are actively marketing to their targeted audience by using speaking engagements, conventions, seminars and associations, Internet marketing, e-mail campaigns, webinars, television endorsements, and much more. At Brown Books Publishing Group, we aggressively match your needs with your target market.
  • Public RelationsLet Brown Books Publishing Group's experienced public relations team prepare your press kits and press releases, contact numerous reviewers, distributors, book chains, TV and radio producers, and print and newspapers columnists to secure interviews, guest appearances, luncheons, seminars, and book signings to help successfully promote your book.
  • DistributionThroughout the '90s, it became more and more difficult for single-title authors to reach the bookstore trade. Then, Ingram Book Group, the nation's largest book wholesaler, slammed their doors shut to authors with fewer than ten titles, an action that a lot of people perceived to be a gentle way of saying that Ingrams prefers to work with publishers only. This meant that if you retained the rights to your book, you could expect a great challenge in getting into nationwide bookstores.

    Today, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other retailers will order books from the major distributors and wholesalers and a few other smaller companies, but not from individual authors. We felt this was unfair. It created an obstacle that was difficult to overcome in the path of even the most motivated and determined author. So Milli Brown began a long courtship with Ingram, and today, Brown Books authors are accepted by Ingram on our recommendation. Ingram is extremely impressed by the quality of our books and the level of our authors' education in the publishing world, especially their level of sales and marketing expertise. And finally, after seeing the number of books Brown Books's authors sell (what every distribution company looks for), it makes good business sense.

    We are proud to report that this partnership has greatly benefited our authors. If part of your marketing plan includes a presence in nationwide bookstores, then becoming a BB author will greatly increase your chances of getting there. Ask us for details.

  • Order Fulfillment & WarehousingAfter considering many fulfillment companies nationwide, Brown Books carefully reviewed and evaluated each company for pricing, customer service, location, and integrity. Our goal was to find a warehouse that could provide fair prices, timely turnaround times on orders, detailed monthly reports, and a proximity that would facilitate face-to-face meetings. Finally, Brown Books felt confident enough to sign with a Dallas-based fulfillment house that meets all the above criteria.

    Our authors no longer need to store their books in garages, extra bedrooms, closets, or storage facilities. They no longer need to box up, address, and send each order that comes in. They no longer need to worry about credit card orders. They no longer need to keep track of their inventory, worrying that they will run out of books at a critical moment.

    Feel free to ask us about how fulfillment works and the fees involved. Let us help take the stress of fulfilling orders off your shoulders.

Brown Books Publishing Group builds long-term successful relationships while our authors retain their rights and keep all the profits. At Brown Books Publishing Group, clients have complete control over their publications without having to resort to self-publishing.

Contact Brown Books Publishing at 1-972-381-0009 or Submit Your Manuscript Today!


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