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"Wounded Tiger is an amazing, enthralling story of how the once obscure lives of an Oregon farmhand and a young co-ed intersected with the Japanese pilot who led the attack on Pearl Harbor. With cultural insight and deep pathos, T. Martin Bennett brings to life this powerful true chronicle of hatred, surrender, and transformation. Wounded Tiger reveals how ordinary lives lived out faithfully to their calling can impact the destiny of a people and a nation. I wholeheartedly recommend Martin's work and know that you will find it equally compelling." - RAVI ZACHARIAS | BEST-SELLING AUTHOR & SPEAKER

Ranking first among Amazon New Releases in three categories, the second edition of Wounded Tiger became a bestseller in less than 24 hours. Launched Dec. 2016 to honor the seventy-fifth commemoration of Pearl Harbor Day, Wounded Tiger shares the compelling true story of Mitsuo Fuchida, the Japanese pilot who led the surprise attack on American soil in World War II. Fuming with hatred for Americans and a strong sense of national and racial pride, Fuchida allows an intense passion and determination to lead him through the ranks of the Japanese Navy and reaches a position he always knew he would achieve.

Jake DeShazer joins the U.S. Army as a bombardier, burning with vengeance after the attack on Pearl Harbor. He becomes a POW for years, battling insanity in solitary confinement until he discovers the secret for change. The Covells, an American family of missionaries in Japan, flee the country to the Philippines. When they do, the oldest daughter, Peggy, becomes intertwined with someone unexpected, and unknowingly impacts the course of his life forever.

Three seemingly unrelated wartime narratives come together in T. Martin Bennett’s well-researched, incredibly thorough work of historical fiction. Witness the story unfold before, during, and after the attack, and see the true impact of the infamous event that changed history. 

The December launch of Wounded Tiger honors the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and this expanded second edition includes over 250 rare historical maps and images.

To order the book and learn more about the author, visit

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"Susie Wolbe's passion for her craft and love for children shines through as she offers a collection of practical tips that educators can put to use immediately in their classrooms and schools."  - DENISE POPE, PHD | Cofounder, Challenge Success;
Senior Lecturer, Stanford University Graduate School of Education

Garnering glowing praise from educators at Stanford University, the experts at Live Happy, and many more, Susie Wolbe, Ed.D, delivers mindful solutions for modern students with The Empowered Teacher: Proven Tips for Classroom Success.

Dr. Wolbe developed the foundation for her work during three decades of leadership in public and private education, and her certifications as an Academic Language Therapist and a Mindful Schools Instructor also shaped her influential perspective. Through both her educational consulting practice and her book, she is determined to help students, parents, and educators lead well-adjusted lives attending to their unique needs.

In The Empowered Teacher Dr. Wolbe pushes past the curriculum to provide essential strategies for today’s scholastic environment. Her guide enables teachers to lower the stress level in the classroom, minimize the time spent on procedural minutiae, and increase the attention given to students, which is exactly where their focus needs to be.

“It’s not about the curriculum. It’s about establishing positive, appropriate relationships, taking care of yourself, and growing both personally and professionally,” says Dr. Wolbe. “Every school has its mandated curriculum, but the schools and the teachers who go beyond the content are the ones who get to the heart of the matter and the spirit of their students.”

With her 2016 release, the author adheres to her mission to help students become independent, motivated thinkers who display a positive self-image, resiliency, integrity, and critical problem-solving skills.

For book orders and more information, visit; to learn more about the author’s educational consulting practice, visit

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