Extreme Publishing Makeovers

You CAN Judge a Book By Its Cover

The average consumer spends 21 seconds or less looking at the exterior of your book. Is your cover optimized to make an actionable impact?

Turning a potential reader’s first impression into a purchase is our expertise, and we’ve mastered the art and science of cover design—and cover correction. That’s why Brown Books devotes an entire division to fixing books for previously self-published authors.

Top three reasons why an author needs to consider a book cover redesign:

1. It’s Not Selling — A good cover design will prompt readers to know more and want to buy the book. Brown Books knows a great deal about bestselling book design and our team of professionals has the expertise to create covers that attract attention and sell books.
2. Doesn’t convey what the book is about — The number one purpose of the book cover, and its title, is to communicate what’s inside the book. Brown Books designs book covers so readers will know at-a-glance what the book is about and therefore generate an interest to buy the book.
3. It’s time for an update — Rebranding your book cover and marketing image with a new look, or even a new title, can help increase book sales. Brown Books cover makeovers build a competitive advantage that can prompt renewed interest in your book and also appeal to a new audience of readers.

By combining creative innovation with retail strategy, we can deliver manuscript “makeovers” that make a critical difference in your book’s performance. To see why a picture really is worth a thousand words, explore a selection of our before-and-after successes.

See BEFORE-AND-AFTER TRANSFORMATIONS by hovering over the covers below!

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