KGCC Sharing lessons learned in Silicon Valley boardrooms and Texas beer gardens, Roll with It: Living, Working, and Parenting by the Seat of Your Pants is Kim Z. Garrett's guide to pursuing your passion, raising fiercely resilient kids, and discovering unexpected heroes. Writing Roll with It as part of her long-term philanthropic vision, the former Facebook director and first-time author is also the founder of The Electra Zane Project, and she's using the unique initiative to help heal at-risk families by turning book sales into support for victims. Get to know Garrett and find out she's giving readers the chance to give back through Roll with It!

Who is Electra Zane? The charitable initiative reflects Garrett's enduring commitment to serving those affected by family violence and substance abuse, but the unique title, which bears her original name, is a nod to her own unorthodox upbringing. Underscoring her parents' "fragile, fuzzy" grasp on reality, the author's moniker was a harbinger of the abandonment and addiction that characterized her childhood.

What's the project all about? On a mission to serve children and adults affected by substance and domestic abuse, The Electra Zane Project helps protect and shelter struggling families by raising funds for critical charities, and the initiative is currently offering support to organizations including Dallas-based Family Compass.

How can I contribute? With the 2014 launch of The Electra Zane Fund through JPMorgan Chase, Garrett established a quick, efficient platform for channeling financial assistance to those in need, and since she uses a portion of her proceeds from Roll with It to assist exceptional philanthropies, she's turning readers into champions for life-saving organizations with every copy purchased!

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