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Celebrating 20 Years of Publishing Excellence

Brown Books

Throughout 2014, Brown Books will be celebrating 20 years of publishing with monthly programs and exciting announcements as we enter our third decade and this new era in publishing™.
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Brown Books 20th Anniversary Celebration

Relationship Publishing

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Our Dedicated Relationship Publishing™
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Brown Books Goes International
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Featured Author

Author Brent Hull

Brent Hull
Building a Timeless House in an Instant Age

Brent Hull, owner and president of Hull Historical, is a nationally recognized authority on historic design, architecturally correct moldings, and millwork.

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Book of the Month

The Kilgore Curse Novel by Larry Pivnick MD, JD

The Kilgore Curse
By Larry Pivnick

At a chance encounter at his wife's gravesite, attorney Frank McNamara meets the survivors of a Latino family who claim that his great-grandfather stole their land and murdered their relatives to cover up the theft.

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Award Winning Brown Books Authors Brown Books Fills a gap in publishing

 “Her model is unique. She is ahead of her time in some ways. Her business is a hybrid, far more hands-on than self-publishers. Her operation is more akin to a tradition publisher in terms of distribution, marketing and publicity. You still have to have al those back-end things happen.”   George Slowick, president, Publishers Weekly

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